Mallalieus of Delph

Mallalieus of Delph


Mallalieus of Delph have been weaving fine fabrics in England for over 150 years.  Five generations of family have been involved in the traditions and skills which have seen great technological changes in the methods that wool, silk and cotton are woven into fabric.

The Mill

Mallalieus of Delph maintain one of the few remaining vertical mills in the country - every process from dyeing the raw wool to final finishing of the fabric is completed at their Valley Mill.

Since medieval times, the abundance of wool from sheep grazing on the Pennines and the soft water flowing off the millstone grit of the moors has made the area around Delph a centre for woollen weaving.

Mallalieus is proud to maintain that unique heritage in our modern world. By controlling the entire production process, the company can work expertly with clients who want to create individual designs and qualities as well as buying from the mill’s extensive stock range.


Mallalieus of Delph Dyed Wool

Dyed wool at the Valley Mill


Mallalieus of Delph Spun Yarns

Spun yarns ready for weaving


Mallalieus of Delph finished fabric

Finished fabric ready to be used for clothes and furnishings

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