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From time immemorial, the inhabitants of the Outer Hebrides of Scotland have woven a beautiful and intricate cloth the world knows simply as Harris Tweed.

The islanders of Lewis, Harris, Uist and Barra produce this luxury cloth entirely by hand and have long been known for the excellence of their weaving.  Only genuine Harris Tweed products are allowed to carry the famous Orb/Maltese Cross branding.


The Cloth

Harris Tweed cloth - Clo Mor (Gaelic for ‘The Big Cloth’) – is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament and the only fabric produced in commercial quantities by truly traditional methods.

Harris Tweed has a rare character and beauty. Hundreds of distinctive patterns have been developed over centuries, each one unique, but unmistakably Harris Tweed.

Unusually, the wool is dyed before being spun, allowing a multitude of colours to be blended into the yarn, creating a cloth of great depth and complexity.


Guardians of the Orb

The Act of Parliament in 1993 brought into being the Harris Tweed Authority, a new statutory body, replacing the Harris Tweed Association originally set up in 1909.

In accordance with the Act, Harris Tweed cloth must be: “Handwoven by the islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides, finished in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.”

The Act ensures that all cloth certified with the Harris Tweed Orb symbol complies with this definition.

This legislation – alongside the work of the Harris Tweed Authority – allows the safeguarding of the Harris Tweed name, quality and reputation.


Harris Tweed at The Hat Shop

We are very proud to stock hats made with such an historically significant fabric that links our hats all the way back to the islanders that first wove their tweed.

We love the hardwearing yet beautiful nature of the cloth, and of course the variety of different weaves mean that you'll always find something you love.

Our selection of Harris Tweed hats is often updated and we offer hats for men and women in a variety of styles.

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