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Failsworth was created under the name ‘The New Failsworth Hat Manufacturing Company’ in December 1903. Originally founded in 1875, when it acquired the ‘Maypole Hat Works’, in 1881 they moved to the site in  Claremont Street, Failsworth, Manchester where they would develop the company. The name was finally converted to Failsworth Hats Limited in 1940.
Failsworth History Image
Failsworth Hats History Image

Working with Stetson

After WW2, Failsworth, along with the rest of the industry, had to re-evaluate their position. With a considerable loss in sales the decision was made to embark on a programme of re-equipping and modernising production techniques bringing Failsworth inline with the best in the world.

At the end of the 1940s a major development was agreed with John B. Stetson Company of the USA to manufacture men’s hats bearing the famous Stetson brand name under licence.

Stetson Image

Working with High Quality Materials

Fabric developments occurred with ever increasing regularity throughout the 1980s. Waxed cotton was an early leader often featured in Failsworth's Heritage collections, followed by microfibre sports fabrics that were lightweight and virtually waterproof.

A newer merchandise mix combining the traditional hat styles as well as the finest UK quality tweed manufacturers were introduced in hat and cap ranges. Cashmere, Lambswool, Abraham Moon and Harris Tweed co-ordinated perfectly with the men’s fashion of the day.


Failsworth continue to produce hats of the highest standard across a huge range of fabrics and styles.  We love their commitment to heritage and quality, whilst also keeping up with the latest developments in the world of fashion and hats. 

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